BlueView Update Notes

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BlueView 20


Up to SQL 2019


  • Multiple Controller Updates: Now able to communicate with multiple controllers at once

  • Multi-Threading: Polling for events and sending commands can now happen while pushing permissions

  • Cancel Permissions: Added support for canceling permissions at all stages

  • Permission Logging: Added logging of events to track progression of permission pushes

  • Port Configuration: Added port number to door import process to allow duplicate IPs with different port numbers

  • Bulk Reconnecting: Added ability to reconnect controllers using Company, Site, and Area levels

  • System Health Report: New Snapshot available in BlueView and BlueWeb

  • Status Filter: Added ability to filter doors by status in BlueWeb Doors page

  • Updated UI: New UI updates featuring QuickLinks screen

  • Display Hours: Show standard unlock hours in web screen


  • Fixed bug created by quickly starting/stopping BNS 

  • Fixes related to incorrectly adding a dual credential instead of a single credential

  • Fixed bug that caused the door import to place a door in the incorrect site when duplicate area names exist under different sites

  • Fixed bug that created an exception on BNS startup

  • Fixed issue with being unable to start/stop BNS

  • Fixes related issues preventing the Permissions form from displaying

  • Fixed auto-activation of credentials

  • Ability to add new person through web pages if there are no groups besides 'All' group

  • Fix time ranges on Doors web page

  • Updated validation rules on people/credential import to support max values for credential fields

  • Fix for event reporting from web, for archived events.

  • Improvements to BNS stability.

  • Efficiency and usability improvements for door activations 

BlueView 18.2


Up to SQL 2017


  • Support Integration: Enhanced in-application Help and access to Support

  • Muster Report: New Report type available on BlueWeb.

  • Web Edit: Updated web interface with new Edit functionality for People and Credentials

  • Advanced Troubleshooting: Extra functionality on the web pages to troubleshoot doors

  • Expiring Credentials: Ability to set Start and Expire dates for Credentials

  • People Editing Efficiency: Ability to change Credential Status independently from Cardholder status

  • Relay Configuration: options for Reader 2 in Advanced Door Configuration screen

  • Advanced Configuration Options: for REX in newest firmware version to disable release of relay one or disable REX events.


  • Auto-activation on Cardholder Delete from BlueWeb

  • Enforce Cardholder Status for Logins

  • Fixed timezone issues for some Windows versions

  • Fixes related to dual credentials in BlueWeb

  • Fixed auto-activation of credentials

  • Fixed inability to unselect "Suppress REX events" in 

  • Display standard unlock hours in web

  • Ability to add new person through web pages if there are no groups besides 'All' group

  • Fix time ranges on Doors web page

  • Updated validation rules on people/credential import to support max values for credential fields

  • Fix for event reporting for archived events from the web.

  • Improvements to BNS stability.

  • Improved navigability between BlueView and BlueWeb

  • Settings consolidated into BlueView Preferences screen

BlueView 18


Up to SQL 2017


  • BlueView Corporate Edition: Unlimited logins/cardholders/clients, door-limited by activation code, modules must be purchased separately

  • Report Filtering: New output on the web interface that allows filtering, sorting and exporting to various formats.

  • Notification Triggers: Ability to select one or more triggering events for email notification.

  • Shift Counts: Show how often the shift is used in a permission on shift screen, to facilitate shift cleanup.

  • Login Administration Fields: Added Employee ID and fixed Cardholder sorting on Login Administration screen.

  • Custom Field: Add Cell Phone field to Advanced Search fields in the web and allow alpha-numeric characters in the Cell Phone field within the BlueView software, so that it can be reused as a custom Person field.

  • Active Person Filtering: Added option to only show Active people on the Home screen on the web pages.

  • Group Display: Added option to display Groups as columns of checkboxes, rather than as drop-down list in web interface People page, allows users to add/remove people to/from multiple groups at once

  • Holiday Door Filtering: Added ability to filter lists of controllers by whether or not they have Unlock Shifts.


  • Converted doors to use real time zones rather than offsets, to address regions that don’t use DST

  • Improved “No Activity” report: can now select Company/Site/Area/Door

  • Fixed messaging for expiring activation codes, and added ability to see your active activation codes from Help → About screen.

  • Improved Manager/Managed shifts stability.

  • Trigger TTL1 on Admit now fires on an Admit at either W1 or W2

  • Fixed web reports not showing PINs that don’t match a cardholder

  • Fixed credential start/end times displaying incorrectly in Internet Explorer.

  • System import/export fixes

  • Image Upload for Person on BlueWeb now working in Internet Explorer

  • UI cleanup on BlueWeb

  • Inactive credentials automatically update correctly now

  • Refined auto-detect logic for full vs incremental updates

BlueView 17


Up to SQL 2016


  • Revamped Credentials: Custom start and end dates for credentials, ability to mark an individual credential as Inactive, Suspended, Lost or Stolen.

  • Updated Web Interface: Enhanced editing capabilities for people and credential data, including managing advanced credential options. Advanced troubleshooting options, including scheduling full or incremental updates for doors.

  • Multi-Door Operations in Web Interface: Rapidly lock down, unlock, or lock for the rest of the day all doors available to the current BlueWeb login.

  • ODBC Sync Service: Now available with your Active Directory module license, provides a flexible method for syncing cardholders and groups with an external data source.

  • Bulk Exception Creator: Quickly create exceptions and door-level holiday exceptions over a range of dates and doors in BlueView.

  • Advanced Netgen Configuration Options: Using new firmware on a per-controller basis:

    • Which relay to release on Admit at Reader 2

    • Whether or not to release relay on REX

    • Whether or not to record audit events for REX


  • Efficiency improvements for web page activations on systems with a large number of doors

BlueView 16.1


Up to SQL 2014


  • Commissioning Import Utility: Directly import spreadsheets of common system information such as Shifts, Cardholders and Groups, and Doors.

  • Web Interface: Everyday management of your BlueWave system made simple through the BlueWave web interface, now included with all BlueView editions with minor setup.

  • Advanced Firmware Updater: Now fully integrated into BlueView software, with features to easily accommodate firmware updates.

  • Email Notifications: Now included to notify a group of BlueView users of a system Lockdown, Extended Open or Unauthorized Open.

  • Automated Backup: Backup your BlueWave database now, or schedule periodic backups from within the BlueView software.

  • Updated Restore Tool: More intuitive and reliable tool to restore BlueWave database from backup, used in system recovery or migration.

  • Updated Login Administration Tool: Login settings for groups, shifts and doors are now consolidated in the Login Administration screen. This update allows for more flexible and intuitive configuration of login permissions.

  • Updated Help & Support: Convenient access within BlueView software to help documents, log files and a real-time log.

Fixes: None

BlueView 15


Up to SQL 2014


  • Operating System Support: BlueView now works on 64-bit systems

  • Discover Door Controllers Tool: Integrated functionality for adding doors to your system.

  • Enhanced Database Configuration: New "Guide Me" wizard to help set up BlueView's connection to SQL Server

  • Priority Polling: Select certain doors to be able to be given a priority queue.

  • Active Directory: Integration for Active Directory for advanced database records

  • Archived Events: Reports now include events that have been archived

  • Batch Card Load Tool: updated to handle all credential types

  • Incremental Updates: Push changes to controllers for easy adjustments


  • Efficiency improvements on System Overview screen

  • Door activations that fail are automatically retried

  • Updated BlueView.Backup for better usability and to support SQL Server 2008+

  • Improved efficiency of event reports for large databases

  • Improved usability on many screens by improving sorting, sizing, and auto-selection

  • Improved logging mechanism that automatically archives and later deletes older log files

  • Improved install experience

  • Better source/update tracking for card holders

  • Improved the ability of BNS to recover controllers that may temporarily lose network connection

  • Event Snapshot data  now being recorded

  • Permissions Activations handled in the background for a more responsive BNS

  • Updated BlueView.FirmwareUpdater to support firmware 7.01.01

BlueView 14.3 and Below do not work on many current systems and are no longer supported.

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